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Arrangements: Bryan Bigger (9th company)

Posted: 1/20/2022

Arrangements for the burial of Bryan Bigger (9th company) are as follows:

1 PM on Friday 1/28 in Killeen, Texas (full address below).  If you are able to attend please do.

If you have questions please reach out to Barabara Bigger (512-864-3392)

11463 State Highway 195
Killeen, Texas 76542


Class of 1983 Spring 2022 Reception – Save the Date

Posted: 1/18/2022
Class of 1983,

We’ve set the date for our next DC-area Class Reception (held near DC, but open to all)! Let this serve as a Save the Date; more info will be sent as well as a formal opportunity to sign up once I iron out the menu and cost. For now, here’s what you need to know:

  •  What: USNA Class of 1983 Reception
  • Where: Buchanan House (Superintendent’s Quarters), USNA
  • When: Friday, 6 May. 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm
  • Uniform of the Day: Dockers or shorts of similar style; golf-style collared shirt or Hawaiian shirt
  • Menu: Heavy hors d’oeuvre
  • While we will be able to accommodate close to 180 attendees, this will be a first-come, first-served event. Once we go live (that will be announced ahead of time), the system will close down if we reach the limit. I recommend considering your options ahead of time! We were very close to the limit last year.
  • This is Mother’s Day weekend, which was one of several factors leading to picking Friday. This will give more people the opportunity to go to or receive family for the special day. I’ve already put in vacation for the day 😊
  • As always, this is for the Alum +1 and is an adult get-together.

If you went last year, you know a lot what it will be like – great friends, great food. If you missed last year, or haven’t been to any of the receptions, this is likely your last chance to participate at the Supe’s Residence. More to follow as soon as I have it nailed down.


Steve Fischer ‘83

Tom Spriesterbach (23rd Co.) Internment at Arlington

Posted: 1/10/2022

Tom Spriesterbach (23rd company) is being laid to rest this coming Thursday 1/13/2022 at 1500 (3 PM).  Need to arrive before 1420 (2:30) at the administrative building.  There is a reception following the internment at the Fort Myers Officer’s Club.  Details are below.

If you have questions, please reach out directly to Keven Talbert (, (904) 610-2802)

If you can’t make the gravesite service, PLEASE come to the reception!  All Classmates are invited.  Dress for the weather (temperature expected in the low 40s).  If you wish to contribute to defray the reception costs, please reach out to Keven.

Tom Spriesterbach (23rd Co.) Internment at Arlington National Cemetery: Thursday, 13 JAN 2022 – 1500 hours / Reception to follow at Fort Myers Officer’s Club (16:30-18:45)

Meet at the Arlington Cemetery Administration building no later than 14:30: Open to the public, no base access required.

Officer’s Club Reception (Joint Base Fort Myer-Henderson Hall), 16:30-18:45: Access required for non-DOD credentials, please register all in vehicle.                         Returns within minutes, printable/scan enabled pass. (Info)   (registration)


USNA 1983 January update #1

Posted: 1/5/2022

While I try to intrude upon your inboxes carefully, I may have a few emails early this month as I catch up on a few new things sent to me while at the same time squeezing the sends in around everything else. And right now, that “everything else” includes having no power at home for over 48 hours and, after a night where the temps in the house dropped to 54 degrees, escaping to our daughter’s home with her husband and our grandson (so ya know, it isn’t bad!!). Lights, heat, warm food and internet are all good, but it isn’t quite as efficient as the home office.

This item deserves a place all its own, so here ya go. All contributed via the hard work of John Hults!!

Happy New Year ’83!

If you attended our 35th Reunion Class meeting, you may recall a crazy pitch for a cross-country bicycle ride in conjunction with our 40th Reunion in 2023. Well, a stalwart and growing cadre of classmates has been busy turning this vision into reality. The 2023 ride will start at NAS Whidbey Island, WA, dipping rear wheels in Puget Sound, and finish by dipping front wheels in the Severn River and riding into Navy Marine Corps Stadium at halftime of the homecoming game. Furthermore, the team is coordinating with several veteran-related charities (and our ’83 Class Fund) toward the goal of raising $1.983M across these great causes. All of this while staying in good shape and having a heckuva lot of fun together!

The team has conducted several annual tours over the past three years, covering well over 1,000 miles of the intended cross-country route. Numbers have grown from 6 participants the first year to 25 this past September, as the group donned custom-designed jerseys and completed our third year of “Sea Trials” by riding over 400 miles and climbing nearly 20Kft of vertical. Starting with 22 push ups every morning (to commemorate the roughly 22 veterans that commit suicide each day), the group rode through a literal “purple mountain’s majesty” from Yellowstone, MT, across Grand Tetons National Park, over the continental divide three times (with the highest at nearly 10Kft elevation) and across the barrens of Western WY, to end by riding through the stunning Poudre River Canyon to Boulder, CO. We had a blast!

As all of our Suppo’s know, support is a huge component of success in this kind of endeavor. This year’s ride had 6 folks and 5 vehicles providing logistical support for 19 riders along the route. Arranging accommodations, meals, rest stops and mechanical support for this group requires LOTS of work and planning, and this support team was golden. “Flex” was the watchword this year, as the group of 25 worked incredibly well together to overcome several big logistical challenges; definitely “A Class Act” kind of effort.

This year’s team included: Darren Anderson, Dave Bartholomew, Chris Biow, Jeff Clark, Danny Evans, Wadi & Gabi Farach, Ken Fitzpatrick, Ray Herb, Mark & Marie Hopgood, John & Lee Hults, Craig & Susan Husa, Mike Kohrs, Alan Mangan, Bill Murray, Rob Piroumian, Chip & Terri Ressell, Pat & Nancy Ryan and Dixon & Kiki Smith. It was a great group, and here is a link to a quick video overview of the ride. If you are really hip, photos are also available on Instagram at #asap_obstcr_83.

We’d welcome all ’83, family and friends to join us for our fourth Sea Trial in 2022. We’re in the planning stage for a ride from Chicago to Pittsburgh – a nice, flat, well-supported week in mid-September and an ideal opportunity to try this out – and then for any or all of the five stages we’re planning for our cross country adventure in 2023.  The goal is to have at least 83 or more classmates, family or friends riding or supporting the cross country ride.  We’ll need all kinds of help as we ride across America and raise a bunch of money in 2023, and everyone involved will tell you that the rewards in terms of fun, camaraderie, fitness and teamwork are well worth the effort.  Join us!!!

If any of this sounds at all intriguing to you, reach out to John Hults (206.914.6062 /, Dixon Smith (619.616.9035 /, Rob Piroumian (678.438.9486 / or Danny Evans (803.322.6125 / to answer your questions and get you on the bike or in a supporting role.

Watch for more news in the coming weeks, and Beat Army AGAIN!


*Ride ASAP OBSTCR ’83 is our “insider call sign” for this ride. It is intended as a humorous (?) acronym for Ride to Annapolis from Seattle And Party, OBSubject TClassmate Ridicule ’83. Funny? You be the judge. Either way, we will not use this title outside our organization, but will market our effort as “USNA ’83 Ride Across America for Veterans Support” or something more descriptive (and clearly less hysterical) like that. And yes, marketing, PR and social media are a few of the areas where we could clearly use some help..

USNA 1983 December update

Posted: 12/23/2021
Class of 1983,

As much as this isn’t what we like to hear, I’ll note the recent deaths of Classmates up front. The information has been passed through other means, but some don’t see them or at least don’t read them. In this season of family and friends, please let these unhappy events remind you to connect to those you love without delay. Never assume there is “later”.

–Jim “Dusty” Brzostek, 22nd Company
–Bryan Bigger, 9th Company


During the recent Council of Class Presidents meeting, Sean Buck summarized the results of the investigation into the Physics exam cheating problem months ago. While the news report was sent out back in August, I’ll repeat it here as it still gets some attention and questions:




ANNAPOLIS, Md. – The U.S. Naval Academy has completed the adjudications of honor violations that occurred during the SP211 General Physics I exam taken primarily by second year (sophomore) midshipmen in December 2020. Ultimately, 18 midshipmen were separated from the Naval Academy.

“Character development is an ongoing process and midshipmen must make the choice to live honorably each day and earn the trust that comes with a commission in the Navy or Marine Corps. This incident demonstrates that we must place an increased focus on character and integrity within the entire brigade,” said Superintendent Vice Adm. Sean Buck.

In December 2020, 653 midshipmen took the final exam for General Physics I, administered through the website Midshipmen were given written and verbal instructions stating they could not use outside sources to complete the exam, including other websites.

USNA became aware of potential improper use of outside sources in exam submissions through various sources, including post-exam midshipman discussions on an anonymous chat platform. The superintendent immediately directed an investigation.

The multi-disciplinary investigation team (headed by a post-major command Navy Captain and comprised of six judge advocates, an officer from the Brigade Honor program, and an officer who is also an academic Department Chair in a highly technical discipline) reviewed thousands of pages of information and technological data with assistance from multiple experts, including NCIS. The investigation team reviewed website browsing history during the exam timeframe for all midshipmen who took the exam. The investigative team determined that violation of the exam rules was primarily carried out by individuals visiting websites independently and without any coordinated effort.

The investigation found that the COVID-19 pandemic mitigation requirements forced a position of flexibility in exam administration. The Physics Department employed safeguards to prevent cheating, such as requiring midshipmen to complete calculations on scratch paper that was turned in with the exam. Instructions were clear and explicitly stated that use of outside resources was prohibited. Those instructions were also verbally briefed prior to the commencement of the exam. The biggest vulnerability identified was inadequate proctoring.

One hundred and five midshipmen were identified to have likely accessed unauthorized resources and were processed through the Naval Academy’s Honor System for suspected violations of the Honor Concept. Each case was handled in accordance with established procedures contained in USNA Instruction 1610.3L, Brigade Honor Program.

Eighteen midshipmen were separated from the Naval Academy. Eighty-two midshipmen found in violation of the Honor Concept were retained in the Brigade with sanctions and entered into a five-month honor remediation program. Four midshipmen were found not in violation of the Honor Concept by the Brigade Honor Board and one is awaiting adjudication by the Brigade Honor Board.

USNA now strongly advises instructors to use paper-based, in-person exams. In addition, when an electronic device is required for an exam, either a browser security program must be activated for all online examinations or a proctor must be able to view each midshipman’s screen throughout the exam. All electronic devices not authorized for exam use must be stowed. USNA will also block access to websites for which there is faculty consensus that their potential misuse as a vehicle for academic dishonesty far outweighs any educational value.

Additionally, midshipmen will now write out and sign an honor pledge at the commencement of each examination.

The Naval Academy’s Honor Concept, first formalized in 1951 and slightly modified in subsequent years, is not an honor “code” and specifically does not include words to the effect of, “… nor tolerate any among us who does.” This was, and remains, a purposeful choice. The Naval Academy stands firmly behind the Honor Concept as written; the onus for change is not with the Honor Concept, but the responsibility lies with the Brigade of Midshipmen to live up to its principles.

As a result of this investigation, the entire Brigade of Midshipmen conducted a day-long “honor conference” with intensive training and discussions on honor in April 2021. There will be a renewed focus on character and professional development throughout this academic year. The Brigade owns the Honor Concept in order for there to be the type of accountability and moral development necessary to move forward and learn from this incident.

The mission of the Naval Academy is to develop midshipmen morally, mentally, and physically and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty, honor, and loyalty in order to graduate leaders who are dedicated to a career of naval service and have potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities of command, citizenship, and government.

For more information about the Honor Concept, visit

For details concerning separation procedure and resignation, please refer to the COMMANDANT OF MIDSHIPMEN INSTRUCTION 1920. lH.


Considering the nature of the above, I’m only including these two items in this email. I have a few documents to send from the Class Presidents meeting which I hope to get out later this month, but with my barely-functional skills with Constant Contact, this will have to do for the moment.

Steve Fischer ’83


Sad News: Bryan Bigger, 9th company

Posted: 12/21/2021

Belated sad news to share that was just reported today.  Our classmate Bryan Bigger (9th company) passed away unexpectedly on Dec 1st.  He is survived by his wife Kathleen, sons Zachery and Matthew, his father (USMC retired) and mother.  I do not have any other details at this time.

Please keep Bryan and his family in your thoughts and pick up your phone and call a companymate today.

Sad News: Jim Dusty Brzostek 22nd company

Posted: 12/18/2021

Jim Dusty Brzostek passed away earlier this afternoon with his wife Marian was by his side.  When there are additional details I will share them with the class,  Jim was  a member of 22nd company and lived in Virginia Beach.

Please keep Jim and his family and all our classmates in your thoughts.  And if there is someone you’ve been meaning to call, call this evening.  Don’t wait.

Sad News: Geoff Walborn, 22nd company

Posted: 11/15/2021

Our Classmate Geoff Walborn, 22nd company passed away last week.

Please keep him and his family in your thoughts.

Obituary of Geoffrey L. Walborn (

Commander Geoffrey Lynn Walborn, SC, USN, Retired of Sodus Point, NY, passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday, November 10th. Geoff was born on July 14, 1961 in Clifton Springs, NY. Geoff was preceded in death by his parents, Milton “Pete” and Catherine “Kay” Walborn, and his brother Eric Walborn.

He is survived by his ex-wife of 33 years, Melinda Dennis, his three sons, Nicholas (Arminda) Walborn, Bryan, OH, Maxwell (Sara) Walborn, Lansdale, PA, and Garrett Walborn, Buffalo, NY; by three granddaughters Elliette, Audrey, and Laura; by his two brothers CDR Daniel (Lisa Jo) Walborn, Dr. David (Bridget) Walborn; by his three nephews Christopher, Bradley, and Eric; and by his great nephew Finley. He is also survived by his girlfriend of four years, Amy Eddy.

After graduating from Midlakes High School in 1979, Geoff went on to attend the U.S. Naval Academy, graduating in 1983, and beginning a life in military service. Geoff served his country through various deployments during the Gulf War, including Operation Desert Storm, and in the aftermath of the September 11th terrorist attacks, preceding the Iraq war. He served on the USS Samuel B. Roberts and the USS Gallery. In 1997, he transferred from active duty to reserves, until 2007. Geoff went on to work in logistical engineering and operations for Airborne Express, Burlington Express/BAX Global/Schenker, and Ryder, on the logistical team for Xerox. In retirement, Geoff helped form CPB Logistics Group, serving as its CEO until his passing. Although enjoying a long and successful career, Geoff’s greatest work and pride was raising his three sons, and becoming a Papa to his grand girls.

Geoff was known for an independent, fiery spirit and a personality that could light up a room, while also being able to sit back and quietly observe the conversation around him. He had many pastimes, including car repair, throwing axes, computer programming, running, cycling, competing in marathons and triathlons, riding dirt bikes, hiking, backpacking, and camping with his family. Geoff was vibrant wherever he found himself, but most so while enjoying God’s creation in nature; Whether it was the open ocean, Hocking Hills, the Adirondack Mountains, the boundary waters of Minnesota, Manistee National Forest, or the woods on his father’s property. Geoff felt the presence of God in those places in a unique way, and passed his love for the outdoors on to his sons.

Geoff was a kind, generous, loving, and giving man whose presence will be missed, and memory cherished by those who survive him.

A memorial service will be held at a forthcoming date for family and friends. Donations can be made in Geoff’s name to Wounded Warrior Project.

To plant a tree in memory of Geoffrey Walborn, please visit Tribute Store

Passing of Shirley “Lee” Morrissey Smith, 17th company

Posted: 10/13/2021
Sad News: Shirley “Lee” Morrissey Smith, 17th company
Shirley Smith (March 11, 1961 – October 3, 2021)
Cary, North Carolina – Shirley “Lee” Morrissey Smith passed away October 3, 2021 at the age of 60 at her home in Cary, North Carolina after a three-and-a-half-year battle with lung cancer. A virtual memorial will be held with family and friends at a later date. In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting that memorial gifts be made in Lee’s name to the American Cancer Society, or Transitions LifeCare.
Lee was born March 11, 1961 in Groton, Connecticut, the third of four children born to Captain John Noel Morrissey, USN and Barbara Ann Hatch Morrissey. Lee grew up on various military bases including tours with her family in Groton, CT, Alexandria, VA, the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, and Boston, MA. She graduated from Fort Hunt High School in Alexandria, VA in 1979, finishing as the valedictorian of her class and was a member of the record setting high school girls track team. Lee went on to attend the US Naval Academy for one year, then transferred to Virginia Tech where she earned a BS in Computer Science. She was an active member of the Sigma Kappa sorority. Later, she earned an MS in Computer Engineering at NC State. Lee worked as a programmer for IBM for 10 years. There, she met her future husband, Timothy Smith. Lee and Tim were married in the Duke University Chapel in 1987. They lived in the Raleigh and Cary area throughout their 34 years of marriage raising their two children and one guinea pig.
Lee was the consummate mom, doing everything she could to raise her kids to be kind, generous, and caring. She was a very engaged parent, assisting with school functions, dance trips, recitals, tennis matches, cross country races, swim meets, and even debate contests. When going to one of the debate contests, she had planned to just give the group of kids a ride. But, she was asked to judge a debate even though she had never been trained to be a judge. They couldn’t have picked a better person! Lee was also a big fan of water aerobics at the A.E. Finley YMCA. There she developed special friendships that she enjoyed far beyond the exercise.
Lee is survived by her husband Timothy; their daughter and her fiancé, Jaclyn Smith and Connor Daly; their daughter and son-in-law, Jamie and Alex Shiels; two sisters Jane Morrissey Hybsch and Nancy Morrissey; and one brother John Noel Morrissey Jr. as well as many nieces and nephews.
Published by The News & Observer

USNA 1983 October update

Posted: 10/6/2021

A bunch of quick-hitters here; please read as several are time-sensitive.

First, football. What a crazy game last week!! Was a great time once the heartrate come back down. Mike Poirier can’t use his season tix for the 10/9 game vs SMU. Contact him directly if interested.

Mike Poirier’s note (

Hi Steve,

Per discussion this weekend, I have two tickets available for this week’s game. Pls pass around and see if anyone is interested in the tickets.

Best, Mike

As put out via Classmail but repeated here:

Received this from our Classmate Craig Faller. Passing it along as requested. Let’s show great support for Craig & Martha!!

From Craig:

Below is a link to my change of command and retirement. All 83 classmates are invited in person.  29 OCT 2021 @ 1300. US Army Garrison Miami, SOUTHCOM Headquarters in Doral FL. Honored to have served our Nation and Navy. Martha and I will relocate to State College, PA. GO NAVY.

Would you mind sending out a special 83 update to highlight. Sorry such a short notice. Thanks again, vr/Craig

You have been sent an eInvitation for the following event

Change of Command between ADM Faller and GEN Richardson

To view your invitation please click the link below.

If you are unable to click on the link please copy and paste the address into your web browser.

Dan Clague passes this (and see Job Opportunity box to download the PD)


Good afternoon. I hope all is well for your family and you.

The attached job announcement is provided for inclusion in one of your upcoming class emails if you want. We are searching for two Division General Managers (had not had any before). Hiring officials are my CEO (Tom Dority) and myself (COO).

Thanks for all you do for the class.


Dan Clague

For anyone who hadn’t heard, Honorary Classmate Stu Headley passed. Stu was a Pearl Harbor survivor and truly wonderful man.

Steve, wasn’t sure if this news reached you or not. Sad news that our honorary classmate, Stu, passed away last month at the age of 99. Here is a link:

He was well known and often seen around San Diego. Truly a great American.

My best,
Eric Moss

Our class donation project continues. More details next month, but if able to give, please do. The Academy and Mids need our support. To ensure our Class gets the credit, please go here: (

Steve Fischer ‘83

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