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The purposes and objectives of the Class of 1983 are to promote esprit de corps and fellowship and provide information of professional, social, or general interest concerning the class and classmates; to maintain and uplift the honor, traditions, and integrity of the Brigade of Midshipmen and the United States Naval Academy; to provide an effective and legal means for regulation of the Class Organization’s affairs and finances; and to receive and maintain a fund of real or personal property, or both, to use and apply the whole or any part of the income therefrom and the principal thereof for accomplishing the foregoing business and objectives, provided, that no part of such income or such principal shall inure to the benefit of any member,

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all-day 40th Reunion
40th Reunion
Oct 7 all-day
The Board has selected the three day weekend of October 7, 2023 as our 40th reunion. This will also be homecoming and the Annapolis Sail Boat Show. Volunteers will be needed to assist in the[...]