USNA 1983 January update #1

Posted: 1/5/2022

While I try to intrude upon your inboxes carefully, I may have a few emails early this month as I catch up on a few new things sent to me while at the same time squeezing the sends in around everything else. And right now, that “everything else” includes having no power at home for over 48 hours and, after a night where the temps in the house dropped to 54 degrees, escaping to our daughter’s home with her husband and our grandson (so ya know, it isn’t bad!!). Lights, heat, warm food and internet are all good, but it isn’t quite as efficient as the home office.

This item deserves a place all its own, so here ya go. All contributed via the hard work of John Hults!!

Happy New Year ’83!

If you attended our 35th Reunion Class meeting, you may recall a crazy pitch for a cross-country bicycle ride in conjunction with our 40th Reunion in 2023. Well, a stalwart and growing cadre of classmates has been busy turning this vision into reality. The 2023 ride will start at NAS Whidbey Island, WA, dipping rear wheels in Puget Sound, and finish by dipping front wheels in the Severn River and riding into Navy Marine Corps Stadium at halftime of the homecoming game. Furthermore, the team is coordinating with several veteran-related charities (and our ’83 Class Fund) toward the goal of raising $1.983M across these great causes. All of this while staying in good shape and having a heckuva lot of fun together!

The team has conducted several annual tours over the past three years, covering well over 1,000 miles of the intended cross-country route. Numbers have grown from 6 participants the first year to 25 this past September, as the group donned custom-designed jerseys and completed our third year of “Sea Trials” by riding over 400 miles and climbing nearly 20Kft of vertical. Starting with 22 push ups every morning (to commemorate the roughly 22 veterans that commit suicide each day), the group rode through a literal “purple mountain’s majesty” from Yellowstone, MT, across Grand Tetons National Park, over the continental divide three times (with the highest at nearly 10Kft elevation) and across the barrens of Western WY, to end by riding through the stunning Poudre River Canyon to Boulder, CO. We had a blast!

As all of our Suppo’s know, support is a huge component of success in this kind of endeavor. This year’s ride had 6 folks and 5 vehicles providing logistical support for 19 riders along the route. Arranging accommodations, meals, rest stops and mechanical support for this group requires LOTS of work and planning, and this support team was golden. “Flex” was the watchword this year, as the group of 25 worked incredibly well together to overcome several big logistical challenges; definitely “A Class Act” kind of effort.

This year’s team included: Darren Anderson, Dave Bartholomew, Chris Biow, Jeff Clark, Danny Evans, Wadi & Gabi Farach, Ken Fitzpatrick, Ray Herb, Mark & Marie Hopgood, John & Lee Hults, Craig & Susan Husa, Mike Kohrs, Alan Mangan, Bill Murray, Rob Piroumian, Chip & Terri Ressell, Pat & Nancy Ryan and Dixon & Kiki Smith. It was a great group, and here is a link to a quick video overview of the ride. If you are really hip, photos are also available on Instagram at #asap_obstcr_83.

We’d welcome all ’83, family and friends to join us for our fourth Sea Trial in 2022. We’re in the planning stage for a ride from Chicago to Pittsburgh – a nice, flat, well-supported week in mid-September and an ideal opportunity to try this out – and then for any or all of the five stages we’re planning for our cross country adventure in 2023.  The goal is to have at least 83 or more classmates, family or friends riding or supporting the cross country ride.  We’ll need all kinds of help as we ride across America and raise a bunch of money in 2023, and everyone involved will tell you that the rewards in terms of fun, camaraderie, fitness and teamwork are well worth the effort.  Join us!!!

If any of this sounds at all intriguing to you, reach out to John Hults (206.914.6062 /, Dixon Smith (619.616.9035 /, Rob Piroumian (678.438.9486 / or Danny Evans (803.322.6125 / to answer your questions and get you on the bike or in a supporting role.

Watch for more news in the coming weeks, and Beat Army AGAIN!


*Ride ASAP OBSTCR ’83 is our “insider call sign” for this ride. It is intended as a humorous (?) acronym for Ride to Annapolis from Seattle And Party, OBSubject TClassmate Ridicule ’83. Funny? You be the judge. Either way, we will not use this title outside our organization, but will market our effort as “USNA ’83 Ride Across America for Veterans Support” or something more descriptive (and clearly less hysterical) like that. And yes, marketing, PR and social media are a few of the areas where we could clearly use some help..