Sad News: Tom Spriesterbach, 23rd company

Posted: 9/14/2021

Tom Spriesterbach, 23rd company passed away very early this morning.  He turned 60 last December.

Keven Talbert is in contact with the family, and he, Scott Sundt, Kevin Newmeyer, and Steve Zotti will hopefully be with the family tomorrow.

Additional details will follow with a future burial at Arlington National Cemetery.

As Keven stated in the email he sent to many this morning, Thank you for the email responses that Alice read to him last week. He was in great spirits, though still did not know if he would regain arm function. The infection took over in a hurry.

Among the words I read this morning in the email chain were the following:

  • My thoughts are will Alice and his family. Tom left a wonderful legacy in his children and grandchildren. May they draw comfort from our support. I will miss you Spriester.
  • Youngster year, Spriester and I suffered through Harry Keith’s class on Material’s Science. Or I should say that I suffered and Spriester cruised.  If I had a nickel for every time that I walked down to Tom’s room to get help . . .   Anyway, he was always there.  He’d stop what he was doing and help this bonehead company mate.  I will always remember that.

Please mail a card or even send an email to the as that will be seen by the family.

The Family of Tom Spriesterbach

9217 Maple Rock Dr.

Ellicott City, Maryland 21042-1829

Take care of one another and reach out to hug or virtually hug a classmate today.